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Unsquare was named after Dave Brubeck's Unsquare Dance. Unsquare Dance is unusual in rhythm, and so is the esolang.


Command Meaning
O Push 0.
I Push 1.
A Pop the top of the stack into the accumulator.
S Swap the top 2 items of the stack.
+ Add 2 to the accumulator.
- Subtract 2 from the accumulator.
x Multiply the accumulator by 2
P Push the accumulator.
o Output the top of the stack. (Note: This does not discard the top of the stack.)
i Wait for user input, then push it onto the stack.
> If the accumulator is 0 or 1, jump to the corresponding <.
< If the accumulator is not 0 or not 1, jump to the corresponding >.


Hello, world!

Note: This was made before multiplication.


Cat program