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Uniquode is the opposite of a Turing Tarpit, in that there is no deficiency of commands. In fact, the entire Unicode printing character set is used, each character with a unique purpose. However, it still fits the definition of a Turing Tarpit in that everything is possible but nothing is easy, as the language has some very curious structures.


  • First class functions!
  • Second class functions!
  • Third class functions!
  • Unicode support!
  • Network capabilities!
  • Multidimensionality!
  • Dynamic typing!
  • Static typing!
  • Lexical scoping!
  • Dynamic scoping!
  • Golf!
  • Unreadability!
  • Pure and impure code!
  • Fourth class functions!
  • Secular encoding!
  • Missionary commands!
  • Much, much more!