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Paradigm(s) String-rewriting
Designed by User:Daggy1234
Appeared in 2021
Computational class Turing complete
Major implementations Compiler
File extension(s) .ud

Python gets kinda boring, simple English words and not a lot of fun. Udymts is a simple enhancement to python. Shift every alphabetical character of your code by 5 (think ceaser cipher) and you turned boring python into udymts!

Python Vs Udymts

Boring Python:

   print("hello world")

Amazing Udymts:

   uwnsy("mjqqt btwqi")


The syntax is basically python code files encrypted with a ceaser cipher. The idea being to encrypt nothing bu alphabetical characters, ensuring that upon decoding its valid python code that is executed via the python interpreter.


The CLI's eval invokes the python code by decoding and then calling python interpreter via rust bindings. IO should occur normally.


Unlike python's basic CLI, udymts compiler is rust. #RustEvangalism

The cli can do the following:

  • encode: turn bland python into udymts
  • decode: compile udymts into python
  • eval: directly eval your udymts

Evaling text

  udymts eval --text [code]

Evalling File

  udymts eval --file [abolute/relative path]




Repo has installation instructions

Compiler + Cli