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Not to be confused with Truth-machine.

Turth-machine is a simple pseudo-code programming language created by User:A.


Ask for <variable> Accept then store input into <variable>.
If the <thing A> <condition> <thing B> Compares <thing A> with <thing B>. A bullet point and indentation must be added.
is A condition keyword meaning "equals", i.e. used in the previous statement in the <condition> slot.
Output <value/variable> Print either a value or a variable to the console.
Whereas if <thing A> <condition> <thing B> Compares <thing A> and <thing B> if the last if statement is false. A bullet point and indentation must be added.
Repeat <value> Repeat anything in the loop value times. Same bullet point and indent.
infinitely A value that is infinite in size.



Ask for input
If the input is 0
 Output 0
Whereas if the input is 1
 Repeat infinitely
  Output 1

Hello World

Output "Hello World"


Ask for input
Output input