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Trite is a simple, single data string esoteric language. Drawing inspiration from the simple language of BCT, it executes commands altering its own execution string. It has no means of i/o other then its initial state and its final state. The only valid commands are hexadecimal digits. When execution flow is reversed, so are the 'next' and 'previous' commands. Trite was created by User:Hiant, Fading Entity on Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

Language Overview

There are sixteen commands:
0/0000---Append the next command to the end of the program.
1/0001---Invert the second bit of the next command.
2/0010---Invert the third bit of the next command.
3/0011---Append previous command to the end of the program.
4/0100---Invert the last bit of the previous command.
5/0101---Reverse execution flow.
6/0110---Delete the previous command.
7/0111---End Program
Commands starting of the form 1--- can not be altered.
Commands 8..F are the 1--- forms of 0..7

Example Programs

Hello World

Outputs 'Hello World!\366' in hexadecimal.


Example Execution


It is unknown if Trite is Turing Complete, or if a single useful program is possible.