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What follows is an attempt to timeline all of the golfing languages. This timeline was mentioned from @lirtosiast, and User:A (the creator of this page) does not take credit for this timeline. All of these languages have not been mentioned in the Timeline of programming languages, and it would make the page hard to read if those are added.

Any competitive golfing language should be mentioned here; uncompetitive golfing languages (such as a language that you recently created/a language that can not be golfed well) should not be mentioned here until its developer fixes that language.


The first golf language was GolfScript. It was not suitable for code golf (e.g. abs was "abs", not even 1 byte). Once made Golfscript, people on CGCC found there were significant improvements to be made.


And so aditsu wrote CJam.

isaacg (an experienced golfer) took years to develop Pyth, and it became dominant due to its prefix syntax.


After this, the next improvement was Jelly, which @Dennis probably came up with because he knew APL/J and CJam.


@tomtheisen came up with Stax; this introduces the string compression concept that is widely used in modern golfing languages.

Since 2015

Since then all competitive languages have had syntax based on solid principles, with tons of builtins that are generally well thought out.

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