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Timefuck is an esoteric language based on brainfuck and TwoDucks, made by Alternative678 in December 2009.


Characters that aren't commands do nothing. Because 'v' is a command, replace it with w or u in comments.

  • '+-<>.' do the same things as in brainfuck.
  • '(f)' does f if the current cell is not 0.
  • '|' is a label for time traveling.
  • '^fv' does f in the temporal and spacial context of the last label.



This program demonstrates Timefuck's handling of the grandfather paradox. Using the many-worlds view of space-time, this program simply arrives at the . with the current cell 0 even though that value hasn't been created yet.


Any Brainfuck program can be converted to Timefuck by replacing '[foo]' with '|(^foov)'

In Progress