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Designed by Mario0Fan
Appeared in 2022
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Unknown
Reference implementation Interpreter
Influenced by Thue Brainfuck interpreter in Thue
File extension(s) {{{files}}}

ThueLike is a esolang created by User:Mario0Fan. Its supposed to be more like a programming language, but it has 1 thing in common with Thue. The commands are run in a random order. To achieve this effect easily, the original interpreter for ThueLike is written in Thue.


ThueLike is designed to be simple to understand, but hard to actually do things in it. If theres something in the code that is not a function, it will be considered as output.

Logic Gates

Function Description Example
_xy And gate. Will turn into a 1 if both x and y are 1. It can be blocked by a < if y is 1. _11 = 1

_10 = 0

=xy XNOR gate. Similar to And gate. If x is equal to y, it will turn into a 1. If not, it will turn into a 0. It can be blocked by a < if y is 1. =00 = 1

=11 = 1

=10 = 0

-xy Or gate. Will turn into a 1 if at least one of the inputs is a 1. It can be blocked by a < if y is 1. -10 = 1

-11 = 1

!x Not gate. If x is 0, it will turn into a 1, else if x is 1, it will turn into a 0. It can be blocked by a < if x is 1. !1 = 0

!0 = 1

If statements

Function Description
x> Truth machine. If x is 1, it will keep putting 1 to its right unless the truth machine is stopped by a < function.


Function Description Example
^ This function will turn into what the user has typed in. user input: cat

^ = cat

4Bx This converts x (a 4 bit binary number) into a decimal and then turns into the result of the conversion. 4B1111 = 15
< Mover. Moves left. It can walk on 1's, but if it will walk on a truth machine, it will destroy the truth machine. 11< = 1<1

1>< = <

? Random bit. Will turn into a random bit. ? = 1

? = 0

() Delay. This function will be destroyed if a bit touches it. Good for making delays between logic gates and truth machines. 1() = 1

()1 = 1

1()1 = 11


Truth machine

For more details, go here


Randomized truth machine

This will randomly pick between 1 and 0.

Even more randomized truth machine

Featuring alot of brackets to add a delay between the logic gates and the truth machine.


Hello world

This program prints "Hello World!".

Hello World!

Random number generator

This program generates a random number between 0-15.


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