Third Party Contractor Accused Of A Robbery

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TPCAOAR... a 2D esoteric language with only two commands ( and &)

: Just increments the TOS

&, though is a whole different story, and actually uses the value of the TOS (modulo 8)

Value Action
0 changes itself to the second-to-top thing on the stack
1 rotates direction counter-clockwise (ie. if facing North, goes West; facing West, goes South; etc.)
2 outputs char((TOS - 2) / 8)
3 multiplies ((TOS - 3) / 8)
4 pops this value; turns clockwise if the new TOS is nonzero, then pops that
6 clears the stack
7 appends 0 to the stack after turning this into a zero

The program only terminates if the stack contains "911"

-Super Mario Man (talk)