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Believe it or not, it is inspired by part of Helen's user talk.

Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by User:A
Appeared in 2019
Computational class
Reference implementation
File extension(s)


This programming language is not case-sensitive; this means that you can write syntactically correct sentences.

An example program:

Anything_still in here is here for a_reason, if you_want_any of your_messages_blanked just say!~
  • if x just y: Conditional statement. Check if a variable x is nonzero, and then conditionally execute the next command y.
  • say!x: Output x as a character onto the console if the variable x was not declared.
  • x of y: Index a variable x from the list y.
  • x in y: y indicates what a for loop does. x indicates the pre-initialized for loop variable.
  • x is y: Set a variable x to a value y.
  • for x: Repeat the previous statement the value of x times. If x is nothing, iterate over a list.

Now, it is quite clear that this program sets all variables in the list here to here a_reason times. And then, conditionally print ~.

Here is a Hello, world! program:

O is Hello, world!, x in O say!x for nothing.