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Tack is an esoteric programming language, with only one symbol: !. Tack was made by User: AmNow.


In Tack, the ! symbol marks to do the command associated with that cell, if there is no !, then the cell won’t be run. The cell table will loop, and run sequentially e.x.: cell 1 will run if marked, cell 2 will run if marked, etc.

Cell table

  1. Push 35
  2. Input as a number
  3. Input as string
  4. ASCII to number
  5. Swap
  6. Pop
  7. Move bottom value up
  8. Move top value down
  9. Jump to cell top of stack * 27 (NO POP)
  10. Divide
  11. Subtract
  12. Push 2
  13. Duplicate
  14. Multiply
  15. Add
  16. Number to ASCII
  17. Output
  18. End Program.
  19. Jump to beginning Marked cells after it are not run.
  20. String to number
  21. Jump to cell Top of stack * 27 if the value below it is non zero. (NO POP)
  22. Equal
  23. Logical Negate
  24. Less than
  25. Greater than
  26. Jump to the beginning if the top of the stack is not 0. Marked cells after it are not run.
  27. Push 4


Spam #s


Truth machine


Computational class

Tack’s is Turing complete, as multiplicative Minsky machines can be compiled into it.