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TScript is a language created by User:Iconmaster in 2013. It is a simple descriptive language used to shorten the amount of code in the programming of turtles in the Minecraft mod ComputerCraft. TScript code consists of single-character expressions, each being expressed as a single ComputerCraft function call. It is a very basic language, and relies on the outside interface to compose the correct sequence for any loops. It technically can compile into CC Lua code.


Symbol Function
F Moves the turtle forward.
U Moves the turtle up.
D Moves the turtle down.
L Moves the turtle left.
R Moves the turtle right.
@ Switches between placing and digging modes. Default is digging.
^ Either places or digs the block above it.
V Either places or digs the block below it.
* Either places or digs the block in front of it.
[0-f] Selects the slot 1-16. Used for placing blocks.


Dig 2x1 Tunnel (when in infinite loop)


Dig 2x1 Tunnel, Place Floors (when in infinite loop)