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Slim is a minimalistic stack-based esoteric programming language designed by User:Scoppini in 2015.


Slim operates on a stack of Boolean values, which starts out completely empty. The commands are:

Command Description
0 Push a zero onto the stack.
@ Flip the top bit of the stack, and send it to the bottom.
< Move the bottom bit of the stack to the top.
X Pop the stack.
^ Output the top bit to the output stream (bits are output in big-endian order).
| Push a bit of input onto the stack (also in big endian order).
: If the top bit is 0 or the stack is empty, do nothing. Otherwise, pop the stack as long as the top bit is 1 and the stack isn't empty. After the stack has finished being popped, jump to nth : in the code, where n is the number of times the stack was popped.


Hello, World! program


Cat program




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