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Shoopuf is a list-based language created by Deathping in 2004. It is loosely based on Brainfuck and Kipple. The name Shoopuf comes from a creature in the computer game Final Fantasy X.

Shoopuf has 26 circularly-linked lists named A-Z which contains integers. The lists I, O and D are special. I contains the program's input read from stdin when the program starts, and when the program terminates the contents of O list is written to output. Input and output during execution is not possible. The D list is will convert any number inserted into it in to an ASCII string representing that number.

A shoopuf program consists of a set of opcodes. An opcode is a three-character string, where the first character denotes the instruction and the two other characters are it's parameters. The first parameter has to be a list identifier, while the second can be either a list identifier or a numerical value.

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