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Seas is a 2D esoteric programming language made by User:AmNow and was made for TeamSeas.


The memory field is an infinite sea with the instruction pointer at 0,0 and moves rightward.


Everything outside of a written program is initialized with a space or a random character from the printable ASCII range with a β…• chance. Program execution ends when the instruction pointer reaches the top of the sea. Every line must be the length of the first one. The first line can only have 🌊 (whitespace not allowed).

🟦 - NOP.
🌊 - Ends the program, this can only be at the first line.
0️⃣ through 9️⃣ - Push the corresponding digit to the stack.
πŸ…ΏοΈ - Pop the top two values on the stack and locate the coordinates in the sea and swap it with the accumulator.
🧾 - Swap the top of the stack with the accumulator.
🌑 - Set the accumulator to 0.
πŸ”‘ - Clear the entire stack.
πŸ– - Reverse the stack.
πŸ“— - Move the bottom-most element up to the top.
πŸ“™ - Move the top element to the bottom.
πŸ–‹βœ’οΈ - Mirrors.
πŸ“ - Pop the top value of the stack, if it is 0, move up, otherwise move down.
πŸ“ - Pop the top value of the stack, if it is 0, move left, otherwise move right.
βž•βž–βœ–οΈβž— - Add, Subtract, Multiply and divide on the stack.
πŸ”ΌπŸ”½β—€οΈβ–ΆοΈ - Rotate the instruction pointer to match which way it is facing.
πŸ’‘- Input a number and push it.
πŸ“– - Input a Unicode Character and push it.
πŸ—³ - Pop the top value and output as a number.
πŸ“… - Pop the top value and output as a Unicode Character.
βœ‰οΈ - Pop and discard.
βœ‚οΈ - Swap.
🧻 - Duplicate.
πŸ₯€ - Logical NOT the top of the stack.




Computational class

Seas, according to its creator, is probably turing complete. But no proof of its turing completeness exists.

It is likely that the language can simulate the infinite tape of the Brainfuck language by using the "Reverse the stack" and the accumulator to rotate the stack around. However, the Turing-completeness is still not confirmed yet. [citation needed]