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Seabass is a programming language that was inspired by Deadfish and is backwards-compatible with it. The other key points of Seabass are:

  • functionality
  • (relative) ease of use

The language has about 30 commands, each is a single letter - uppercase or lowercase. Typically lowercase commands use one variable, while uppercase use two, these variables are located in the accumulator and deccumulator. Accumulator and deccumulator are identical in structure - infinite tapes with zeroes in all cells, but they act differently for each command. In order to operate with other data types, you have to access the Extended Stack, which is also an infinite tape with zeroes in all cells, but it can store all four data types, strings included. Variable names can only be integers, same is true for functions(k>) and goto points(: or ;).


Hello, world!


This example was compiled from Tsb.





Or, alternatively:


Infinite loop


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