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Robol(in) is an incomplete specification by user:David.werecat. It will probably never be updated or implemented.


Command Description
VAR ___ IS ______ Declare a variable
SET ___ TO ______ Points a pointer at a variable
PUSH ___ Pushes a variable onto the stack
POP ___ Retreives the next item from the stack
PEEK ___ Peeks the next item from the stack
NOTIFY ___ Like Return
EXEC ___ Executes a method
FLAG ___ Creates a flag (a temporary label)
FOCUS ___ Begins execution at flag
DISP ___ Displays text on console
INPUT ___ IS _____ Reads user input as a datatype
ZERO ___ Erases a variable
API ___.DLL Begins an api section
DECL ___ Imports a function from a DLL
LAST End a section
CALL ___<_____(___,___)> Calls an api function with given parameters
WAIT ___ Waits a number of nanoseconds
SIGNAL ___ Creates a signal (event)
TRIGGER ___ Triggers a signal (event)
MONITOR ___<_____> Sets a function to monitor a signal so it is run on trigger
REG<___> Accesses a register (see register definitions)
MATH ___ Executes a math statment
OPEN ___ ___ Opens a file to a file variable (the variable references the file)
READ ___ ___ ___ ___ Reads an certain ammount of data from a file variable at a certain offset
START Marks the entry point
FINISH Quits the program
CLROUT Clears the console
MASTER ___ ___ Sets one variable to be anothers master (linked objects)
SERVANT ___ ___ Sets one variable to be anothers servant (linked objects)
PROMOTE ___ Dereferences a servent from its master
DEMOTE ___ Dereferences a master from its servant