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Ribosome is a low-level concurrent esoteric programming language created by User:.yazic


Every thread has two pointers. Pointer *o points to a location in memory where the current operation is. Pointer *i points to a location of the data thats being operated on. Pointer *i in the beginning starts in a temporary location where it cant interfere with the code.

TODO: needs a way to halt

Caption text
OPcode Name 0x Operation
G No op 00 Broadcast o and Move i Backward.
A Act 01 Change *i according to the table and move i Forward.
From To
00 11
01 10
10 00
11 01
C Connect 10 Wait for a broatcast.

Set incoming broadcast to i.

T Fold 11 Create a concurrent thread and set its o to this i

TODO: clean this up