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Rhoam is an esoteric programming language created by User:EvilMuffinHa in 2019 in which there are only 3 characters.


Rhoam has a list of instructions and it consists of three characters, [, ], and :.

  • [ moves the instruction pointer to the left.
  • ] moves the instruction pointer to the right.
  • : executes the instruction at that point.

An error occurs if the pointer goes below zero or past the final instruction. More information on the instructions can be found at this site.


This is a Hello World program.

   Get to the 5th instruction
   Add enough to ticket to reach "e"
   On memory slot 0
   Adding it to memory slot
   Adding enough to the memory slot to get to h
   Printing h out
   Printing "e" by printing out the ticket
   Adding enough to get to "l" in memory slot
   Printing L twice
   Adding enough to get to "o" in memory slot
   Printing O
   Getting to instruction 18 (print space) and printing
   Go back and add more to memory to reach "w"
   Printing W
   Subtract and print O
   Add and print R
   Subtract and print L
   Subtract and print d
   Subtract and print !
   Print newline

Alternatively, we can remove all comments.


Computational Class

Rhoam can be proved to be Turing complete because it can perform all instructions of Brainfuck, and Brainfuck is proven to be Turing complete.

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