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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

Designed by lynndotpy
Appeared in 2024
Memory system Fixed
Dimensions Two (current implementation)
Computational class
Major implementations Rust
Influenced by Piet, Redstone, Game of Life
File extension(s) .png

Reso is a graphical esoteric programming language which defines a logic circuit using a bitmap image. The basic components (AND and XOR) gates can be used to construct other logic gates, and with enough resources, a computer. It uses ten colors: Dark-teal for 'AND' gates, bright-teal for 'XOR' gates, dark-purple for logic gate input, bright-purple for logic gate output, and six colors for the wires (orange, sapphire, and lime wires, with an on/off state each.)

All at once, Reso refers to (1) the graphical language which defines a logic graph, (2) the compiler which maps an image to a Reso circuit, and (3) the interpreter which simulates the Reso circuit and outputs the results.

The language is implemented, but is in the 0.0.x release with breaking changes expected.


Reso's first implementation was in 2018 in Python, with a different palette with only two wire colors. Reso was tweaked in 2021 for !!Con, adding a new palette and a third wire color. Reso was then reimplemented in 2023 in Rust, with the Python implementation being deprecated.

In 2024, Reso has ongoing rewrites to make it easier to construct complicated logic components to make it easier to construct non-planar graphs using 2D bitmaps, to address the Wire-crossing problem.

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