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rename is an esoteric programming language created by Claudio Calvelli, maintainer of CLC-INTERCAL, in 2010. It relies on a form of self-modification for control flow.


hex    source        description
code   code
00     (blank line)  Execute the next opcode
01     PUSH          Push the next opcode to the stack (as a character)
02     POP           Discard the top of the stack
03     COPY          Duplicate the value on top of the stack
04     APPEND        Append the next opcode to the top of the stack (string)
05     INPUT         Reads one character from standard input, push to the stack
06     OUTPUT        Prints (and discards) the top of the stack
07     SWAP          Swap the two values on top of the stack
08     ALTER         Pop a string from stack; copy it to program memory after
                     this opcode (this ALTERs the program)
09     ADD           Pop a number, add it to new top
0A     SUBTRACT      Pop a number, subtract it from new top
0B     MULTIPLY      Pop a number, multiply new top by this value
0C     DIVIDE        Pop a number, divide new top by this value
0D     NEGATE        Negate number on top of stack
0E     CONCATENATE   Pop top of stack, append it to new top (string)
0F     RENAME        Add the next opcode to every single opcode in the program
                     (with wraparound, so 200 + 57 == 1)
10-13 reserved (I know what I want here but I'm not telling yet)
14     ARGUMENT      Push next command line argument to stack
15     COUNT         Push number of command line arguments remaining
16     DEPTH         Push the number of stack elements to stack
17     ROTATE        Pops two numbers n, m. Rotate the topmost n elements by m
18     OROTATE       Same as rotate, but uses next two opcodes as n, m
19     DIG           Pops a number(*) n. Duplicates n-th topmost element to top
1A     ODIG          Same as dig, but uses next opcode as n
1B-FF reserved

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