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This page is an archive of the page for Psychairefatback, a language which I thought was cool and should be archived but that was removed by its creator. Here is the page as it appeared 21:58, 28 November 2019:

Psychairefatback is an esoteric programming language, currently a work in progress, created by User:ashtons. Created without any real purpose or theme, with its name reflecting that, Psychairefatback works with a theoretically infinite (but practically finite) code layer, and a finite data layer. Data is manipulated 1 bit at a time. The data layer is structured as a 2 dimensional grid of 16 by 16 cells, with each cell representing a single bit. In the interpreter's memory view, each cell is shown as either Red or Green dependent on whether the contained bit is False or True.

Psychairefatback has 16 instructions, and words in <Angle Brackets> represent arguments. They are as follows:

  • set = Set Bit
  • clr = Clear Bit
  • mov = Move <Direction>
  • otc = Output to Console as ASCII Character
  • oti = Output to Console as Integer
  • ifc = Input from Console as ASCII Character
  • ifi = Input from Console as Integer
  • cmp = Compare <Direction>
  • beq = Branch to <Line> if Equal
  • bne = Branch to <Line> if Not Equal
  • blt = Branch to <Line> if Less Than
  • bgt = Branch to <Line> if Greater Than
  • jmp = Jump to <Line>
  • jsb = Jump to <Subroutine>
  • ret = Return from Subroutine
  • end = End Program

Note that, for the input and output commands, a Character is 8-bits (or 8 memory cells) and an Integer is 16-bits (or 16 memory cells). The character or integer starts at the currently accessed bit.

If the "end" instruction is not present in a program, the program will loop until it is forcefully closed by the user, the interpreter, or the operating system.