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The Poison Programming Language Version 1.1

Download Link

Download Link: Click Here (Moved File to Dropbox So that it Remains for the Long Future ahead)

Hello World Example

p("Hello World!")

A Little bit about the Poison Programming Language

One day I was Bored and Decided to learn how to program in python so I went and watched some youtube videos however I didn't just want to program in Python I wanted to form my own language perhaps an easier No wait more simplistic version of Python with smaller command names And easier programming so here it is The Poison Programming Language


p("String") - Allows you to print something to the screen
e("Name of batch file") - Allows executing of Batch files
n() - Shows a Note
c() - Shows copyright information
nm() - Shows language details
hlp() - Shows all the available commands
hlp_cmd("Command name") - Get help on a specific command
clear() - Clear the command line screen on a Linux Computer
cls() - Clear the command line screen on a Windows Computer
dip("Module Name") - Import a Python Module into Poison
math(First Number, Second Number, "+ or / or - or * or **") - Perform a Math equation
sq(Number) - Get the square root of a number
psn("Script name") - Execute a Python Script or Poison Script
execinpt("Prompt Text") - Get user input and execute it as a Poison Command or Python Command
numalph("Letter") - Convert a letter (lowercase or UPPERCASE) Into a Numerical Value
bye() - Exit Poison
download("File url to download", "File name to save as") - Download a file from the internet

There are a few other commands but they are not important however you can look them up if you wish they are not guaranteed to work properly.