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PointerTape is a tape-based programming language created by User:Asymptote. It is, as yet, incomplete.

PointerTape is quite simple. A PT program consists of a "tape" (array) of symbols.

Symbol Function
> Moves the pointer to the right.
< Moves the pointer to the left.
H Halts the program.
wxy Writes the symbol x (either < or >) in the direction of y (also either < or >).
wxn Writes the symbol x (< or >) at position n.
jn Makes the pointer jump to position n.

As noted above, there is a great deal of functionality yet to be implemented in PT. A list of possible upcoming symbols follows:

Symbol Function
x Stores the object x (which can be any Python-compatible variable)
sxp Creates a storage symbol at position p, and stores the value x there.
px Prints the symbol in the direction x (x is < or >).
pn prints the sybmol at position n.
E Causes the program to exit.

As soon as the needed functionality is implemented, the standard "Hello, world!" application will be posted. It should be something like this:

[p13,p14,p15,p16,p17,p18,p19,p20,p21,p22,p23,p24,p25,"H","e","l","l","o",","," ","w","o","r","l","d","!"]