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Philosophy script is a language based on philosophy. It is saved as PhS (from PhD).



Comments: @

@This is a comment

Variables: Why... ?

Why x=1?

Printing text to the screen:

presocratic.Anaximines[This is text]
presocratic.Anaximines[This is X: ]&x

Methods: socraticMethod()[...]


If...else: If () moral [...] debate [...]

If (x=1) moral [
debate [

Classes: presocratic.Thales[...]

presocratic.Thales [


Object base: socratic.Socrates( Object types: SocratesHandles.

  • Button
  • CheckMenu
  • CheckBox
  • RadioMenu
  • Radio
  • PopupMenu
  • PopupMenuItem


  • Textfeild

)[ commands ]

socratic.Socrates (SocratesHandles.CheckMenu)[
socratic.Socrates (SocratesHandles.CheckBox) [
Why x=2?
socratic.Socrates (SocraticHandles.CheckBox) [
Why y=2?


Command Description Example
Aquinas Shows a computers factory setting data.
Aquinas <someip>
Aristotle Sets a computer's ip a name.
Aristotle <someip>=Joe's Computer
Can we know anything? Deletes a file.
Can we know anything? <someip> <filename>
Descartes Changes the current directory.
Descartes <someip> <directory>
Epistemology Opens connection to the web.
Epitectus Moves a file from one ip to another.
Epitectus <someip>-<someip> <filename>
Ethics Print the file's status information.
Hegel Sweeps a disk for viruses.
Hegel in <someip> with <someSecuritySystem>
If a tree falls... Opens internet explorer to a specific page.
If a tree falls... <someip> to <url>
Is happiness possible? Converts a .NA file into a .PhS file
Is happiness possible? <filename.NA> SaveAs <filename.PhS
Is philosophy practical? Copies a file from one ip to another.
Is philosophy practical? <filename> <someip>-<someip>
Is there a god? Exits the file.
Is there a god?
Is there objectivity to Ethics? Deletes a drive.
Is there objectivity to ethics? <someip> <drive>
Kant Opens itself.
Kant in <someip>
Kierkegaard Prints the current .PhS file script.
Kierkegaard in <someip>
Metaphysics Reverts to a .NA file.
Metaphysics <filename.NA>
Occam Calls one philosophy file script from another.
Occam Network10.PhS from <someip>
Philosophy Closes connection to the web.
What is the good life? Finds an ip
What is the good life? <someip>
Who Am I? Lists the contents of a drive.
Who am I? <someip> <drive>
Why is there suffering? Deletes all files in the computer,
Why is there suffering? <someip>
Wisdom Displays the internet connections operating control parameters.