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Paradox is a language concept by User:Maxsteele2 which is like a cross between BASIC and TwoDucks.


Paradox is different to the (possibly) average programming language by requiring some lines not to function.


Hello, World!

10 set20:"Hello World"
20 This line is skipped
30 print20
40 terminate

This program results in;

Hello World

Line 20 is skipped, because the number 20 was given the value of "Hello World". If the line was written as such;

Hello World This line is not skipped.

...then the ine would not be skipped, and as a result, this;

Error: "This" is not a command
Error: "line is not a command" is not an object.
Hello World


Quines are easier to do in Paradox than other languages.

10 set30:10thru40
20 print30
30 This line will not run FIRE MAH LAZER BLAAA
40 terminate

Notice that in line 10, there were no quotation marks. This is important, as if there were quotation marks, the result would have been much less impressive.


This feature is useful for getting information from databases. For instance:

10 goto 60
20 Space is pressed. 
30 terminate
40 Space is not pressed.
50 terminate
60 if input="space"
70 goto 20
80 goto 40

Input Terminator

This line will terminate if input is detected from the spacebar.

10 if input="space" goto 30
20 goto 10
30 terminate


I forgot what this one was for...

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