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Not to be confused with OneLine.

Oneline is an object-oriented stack-based esoteric programing language designed to be as compressed as possible.


Character Function
{ Starts a class
} Ends a class
[ Starts a function
] Ends a function
( Starts a codeblock
) Ends a codeblock
:identifier Pops a value and saves it in a property
instance%property Pushes the property's value. If the instance is ommited, it will be refered to this intance
_ While loop
? If
, Else
# Number
@t/@f True/False
+ Pop two numbers and add them together, or pop two characters and combine them to form a string
- Pop two numbers and substract them together
* Pop two numbers and multiply them together
/ Pop two numbers and divide them together
$ Pop a number and push and character with that ASCII code
O Pop a value and print it
I Read a value from the user input and push it


  • Create function:
  • Create a property:
  • Create a class:
  • Create an instance of a class:
  • Acces a property of an instance:
  • Acces a method of an instance (the # is there because the method index is a number):