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[Image of interpreter]
One of ONABOBFE4P's BrainFuck interpreters (the one that uses curses)
Oh no, Another Bunch Of BrainF*ck Emulators For Python?

ONABOBFE4P, which stands of "Oh no, Another Bunch Of BrainF*ck Emulators For Python" (github link), created by User:Eso-t. It is a Python Library to create/use interpreters of the brainfuck language, intended for flexility and customization. The library not only allows an array of configurations (such as maximum value size, rollback behaviour, etc.) but it also includes hooks so that anyone can add further functionality to it.

Currently the library has 4 brainfuck interpreter designed: vainilla, verbose, quantum and curses.

  • Vainilla: simply runs the code
  • Verbose: runs the code, printing the memory status and pointers once every 100 instructions
  • Quantum: gives quantum to each action. (to allow a faux "hardware" emulation)
  • Curses: uses curse to provide the user with information of the immediate program and data stacks. It can additionaly change speeds, going from completely halted to max_speed. (the image attached on this page is the Curses interpeter running inside PyCharm)

All 4 were created as 8-bits no-rollback interpreters, but that can be easily changed by changed the initialization variables of the interpreters)