Neural Brainfuck

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Neural Brainfuck is an attempt to create a language so that, analog neural networks can be implemented within it. All programs run within an implicit infinite loop. The tape extends infinitely in both directions (left and right) and contains cells with real numbers.


Instruction Explanation
< Move tape pointer left
> Move tape pointer right
$ Push cell to stack
% Pop from stack to cell
W Random real value from 0.0 to 1.0 into cell (primarily for randomized weights)
+ Pop two values, add them together and push the result
* Pop two values, multiply them together and push the result
s Pop value, run it through implementation-defined activation function, and push the result
i Input into cell (input is ordered, depends on program and i/o interface to neuralbf program)
o Output from cell (closer to interrupt rather than output)

Computational Class:

I'm not sure.