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NOPQRST is a programming language designed to do nothing. It is a push-down automaton.


NOPQRST operates on an unbounded stack of values.

As the name of the programming language says, NOPQRST only uses the letters N, O, P, Q, R, S and T.

There are 5 data types in NOPQRST:

The null data type is represented by the letter N. It occurs on stack underflows.

There are also 'quining constants' that represent the whole source code (Q), regular expressions (R), strings (S) and types of other values (T).

So here are the instructions:

   N - push the null value onto the stack
   O - do nothing.
   P - print the top value of the stack to standard output.
       Strings are printed as normal, regular expressions are converted to strings first (without the //),
       types and null values print nothing, and quining constants print nothing because they are technically not strings).
   Q - push the quining constant onto the stack.
   R - push an empty regular expression onto the stack.
   S - push an empty string onto the stack.
   T - Unless the stack is empty, pop a value and push its type.


Print an empty string:


Push 10 nulls onto the stack:


Self interpreter:


Interpreter in Python: