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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.
Designed by Fmbalbuena
Appeared in 2021
Computational class Unknown
Major implementations implementation (Buggy)
File extension(s) .nlrs

NLRNIS (No loops, Recursion neither if statements) is a work-in-progress variable based language made by CGCC user Fmbalbuena.


(a, b, c, d means variables next command)

@ goto first char

H halt (must be uppercase, not lowercase)

> define var Syntax: >~Hello" Escape is backslash (Double quotes is optional)

* print the next char variable

$ a = b.replace(c, d)

& Input the next char variable (E var is 1 if EOF)

+ a = b.join(c)

/ a = b.reverse()

? a = b.getfirstchar()

. a = chr(b)

! a = a but non-b chars removed

; a = readfile(b) (E = 1 if the file doesn't exist)

: comment

{ start multiline comment

} end multiline comment

| a = takearg(int(b))

= a = b

% a = str(getfilesandfolders(b))

_ halt if EOF


@ if the variable is edited, the program changes

# print when program ends.



Hello, World!

>#Hello, World!

Read a line of input and output again


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