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MoveIt is an esoteric programming language made by User:AmNow, MoveIt moves bytes around, hence the name.


Command   Move Byte:  To
→         First       End of program
←         Last        Start of Program
▶️        Before CMD  Start of program
◀️        After CMD   End of program.  
⏪        First       Before CMD. 
⏩        Last        After CMD.
⏭        First       After CMD.
⏮        Last        Before CMD.
»         Before CMD  After CMD
«         After CMD   Before CMD
🔶: If the byte before and byte after this command aren’t equal, delete them.      
🔷: If the byte before and byte after this command are equal, delete them.

All other characters will print themself out.

() can be used to group things together into a single block.


The program when it hits the »:


The instruction pointer will stay on the command it is on after an operation.
Note that 1 is equal to (1).


Infinite Loop


Hello, World!

Hello, World!



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