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MoonScript is a language invented by an advanced GPT AI neural network.[1] Previous experiment was GPTLang - an esolang invented by a much smaller and simpler GPT neural network.

Q: Can you invent an esoteric programming language, please?

ChatGPT: Sure, here is one that I just came up with. This language is called "MoonScript" and it is designed to be as simple and minimalistic as possible. The only data type in MoonScript is a number, and the only operation allowed is incrementing or decrementing a number by one.


MoonScript programs are made up of a series of instructions, each of which is a single character. Here are the available instructions:

  • + - Increment the current number.
  • - - Decrement the current number.
  • . - Output the current number as a character (i.e. 65 becomes "A").
  • , - Input a character and store its ASCII value as the current number.


Here is a simple MoonScript program that takes an input character, increments it by one, and outputs the result:


This program first inputs a character (e.g. "A"), then increments its ASCII value to 66 ("B"), then decrements it back to 65 ("A"), and finally outputs it.


One major limitation of MoonScript is that it can only operate on numbers within the range of a signed 8-bit integer (i.e. from -128 to 127). This means that it cannot handle numbers larger than 127 or decimal fractions. Additionally, the only way to output or input data is as ASCII characters, so it is not possible to directly work with other data types or formats.

Despite these limitations, MoonScript can still be used to write simple programs that perform basic operations on numbers.

Turing Completeness

MoonScript is not Turing complete because it lacks the ability to implement conditional statements and loops, which are required for arbitrary computations. Despite this limitation, MoonScript can still be used for simple programs and as a tool for teaching programming concepts. Adding Turing completeness to MoonScript can increase complexity and detract from its original simplicity.


  • Common Lisp implementation of the MoonScript programming language.