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The MOISC, or Many One Instruction Set Computer language, is an esoteric assembly language that is basically the product of taking multiple OISC languages and rolling them into a single language, thus defeating the purpose of a OISC. Since this would otherwise cause a problem with which instruction is used (OISC languages don't traditionally make you specify the instruction as there's only one choice by nature), the instruction _does_ need to be specified in MOISC.


The instructions in MOISC are:

  • Subtract and branch if less than or equal to zero (SBLEQZ)
  • Subtract and branch if negative (SBN)
  • Reverse subtract and skip if borrow (RSSB)
  • Move (used as part of a transport triggered architecture) (MOV)
  • Subtract and branch if non zero ( SBNZ a,b,c,destination)

The names are pretty much self-explanatory.

More may be added as more are known.