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Möbius is an esoteric programming language which works on a Möbius strip.

Data Model

Möbius works on a resizable möbius ring of deques; initially, there is only a single deque. To access a side of the deques, one must go to that side on the möbius ring. There is a convenient command to do this. Along with the tape of deques, there is a 3-tuple of scalars to be used for variable storage and a stack that can be used for saving the data in this infinite array. I use that data model a lot.

All data storage mechanisms can hold an unbounded number of long integers.


Command Name Meaning Before After
! NOT Logical inversion (0→1, n→0) a... ...(!a)
" STRING Toggle string mode (start/stop injecting characters as their Unicode values (adds a null before starting)) N/A N/A
# LOTS Pop n, pop v, inject n vs ab... ...(b a times)
$ DROP Remove a value and discard it ab... b...
% TURN Go 360 degrees around the tape N/A N/A
& LOC inject the current location b... (loc)b... (output "a")
' INSERT Create a new empty deque to the right of the current location N/A N/A
( STARTBLOCK Begin a command block N/A N/A
) ENDBLOCK End a block of commands N/A N/A
* JUMP Pop a value and go that many deques around the tape ab... b...
+ INC Pop a value and inject its successor a... ...(a+1)
, INPUT Get a single character as input and enqueue its Unicode value ... ...(ord)
- DEC Pop a value and inject its predecessor a... ...(a-1)
. PRINT Pop a number and output its Unicode equivalent a... ...
/ ??? ??? ??? ???
/[0-9A-Fa-f]{1, 4}/ VAL Inject a value from a hex code ... ...a