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Loopnest is a Turning tarpit that can be modeled by an infinitely nested torus-like shape, embedded in 3d euclidean space. The pointer is essentially a particle with an initial velocity; the instructions build the nested structure that the particle will traverse by giving a rotation angle that will rotate the nested loops so that they will align with the pointer's trajectory. The last instruction will be a special one: nest, which will create a subloop, as well as change the velocity of the pointer. The multiples of complete rotations to reach the nest instruction will determine the amount of nested loops created. When the particle reaches a nest instruction it will be taken down into the sub-loop, and then return. The program ends when the pointer completes one cycle of the initial loop.

Initial State

The initial state of the structure can be thought of as a single loop with 4 loops attached to it perpendicularly, similar to the top of a torus if at every 90 degrees there was a special circle slice with instructions written on it. The instructions AND, OR, NOT, and the nest can be inscribed to points along each loop.

Defining Instructions by a Function

If all instructions are rotations, then one available feature is to define them inductively by a function.