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langlang is an esolang which just does what you tell it to do, similar to English.

note that there are alot of ways to do the same thing.


Hello World

say "Hello, World!" to the console.


say "Hello, World!".

slightly more golfed:

say Hello, World!


get input and say it to the console.


get input, if it is 0 then say 0 to the console. If it is one however, say 1 to the console an infinite amount of times.


Run say 0, say 1 forever at the input index, 0-indexed.

R cat

You can find R cat on Hex

get input, reverse it and say it to the console.


ask for an equation and calculate the answer and print it to the console.


calculate the input and say it.

slightly more golfed:

calculate input, say it.

Solve the halting problem

research the halting problem, solve it.