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LLLL stands for Lazy Logic Like Language and is a cellular automaton rulset that was designed in 2015[1]. The ruleset allows design of logic circuits (similar to Wireworld). It is based on the LLL 2D language for describing circuits, and shares similarities with WireWorld and Minecraft redstone.

Language overview

The ruleset consists of 32 states plus a background state. The 32 states consist of 8 electrical components (wire, diode input, inverting input, diode output, inverted output, xor output, counter output, substrate) which all can be in 4 different states (off, head, on, tail).

States table
Char Description Color
background BLACK
. wire off DARK GREY
h wire head LIGHT GREY
* wire on WHITE
t wire tail DARK GREY
a diode input off DARK BLUE
E diode input head MEDIUM BLUE
A diode input on LIGHT BLUE
e diode input tail DARK BLUE
i invertor input off DARK ORANGE
J invertor input head MEDIUM ORANGE
I invertor input on LIGHT ORANGE
j invertor input tail DARK ORANGE
b diode output off DARK GREEN
D diode output head MEDIUM GREEN
B diode output on LIGHT GREEN
d diode output tail DARK GREEN
c invertor output off DARK RED
S invertor output head MEDIUM RED
C invertor output on LIGHT RED
s invertor output tail DARK RED
x xor output off DARK YELLOW
Y xor output head MEDIUM YELLOW
X xor output on LIGHT YELLOW
y xor output tail DARK YELLOW
m counter output off DARK MAGENTA
N counter output head MEDIUM MAGENTA
M counter output on LIGHT MAGENTA
n counter output tail DARK MAGENTA
u substrate off DARK CYAN
V substrate head MEDIUM CYAN
U substrate on LIGHT CYAN
v substrate tail DARK CYAN

The rules of execution are lengthy and can be found on the homepage within the rule file

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