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Not to be confused with 1337.

l33t is a brainfuck-like esoteric programming language in which source code resembles "1337 5p34k". l33t was created by Stephen McGreal and Alex Mole. It can make network connections, making it the ideal language for crackers and scriptkiddies.

The instruction pointer and memory pointer both occupy the same block of memory, allowing you to modify instructions.

Each word in the source code is translated into an opcode by adding all the digits in the word together. For example the word l4m3R evaluates to opcode 7, or INC, which is equivalent to the + instruction in Brainfuck. Technically it is not necessary to use anything but digits in the code, but programmers who do that are "teh sUxX0r".

Computational class

According to the spec the standard size for the memory area is 64 KB, which prevents it from being Turing-complete. Without the memory limitation it should be Turing-complete as it is essentially a superset of Brainfuck.


Hello World!

// "Hello World" by Stephen McGreal.
// Note that the views expressed in this source code do not necessarily coincide with those of the author :o)

Gr34t l33tN3$$? 
iT 41n't s0 7rIckY.

l33t sP33k is U8er keWl 4nD eA5y wehn u 7hink 1t tHr0uGh.
1f u w4nn4be UB3R-l33t u d3f1n1t3lY w4nt in 0n a b4d4sS h4xX0r1ng s1tE!!! ;p
w4r3Z c0ll3cT10n2 r 7eh l3Et3r!

Qu4k3 cL4nS r 7eh bE5t tH1ng 1n teh 3nTIr3 w0rlD!!!
g4m3s wh3r3 u g3t to 5h00t ppl r 70tAl1_y w1cK1d!!
I'M teh fr4GM4stEr aN I'lL t0t41_1Ly wIpE teh phr34k1ng fL00r ***j3d1 5tYlE*** wItH y0uR h1dE!!!! L0L0L0L!
t3lEphR4gG1nG l4m3rs wit mY m8tes r34lLy k1kK$ A$$

l33t hAxX0r$ CrE4t3 u8er- k3wL 5tUff lIkE n34t pR0gR4mm1nG lAnguidGe$...
s0m3tIm3$ teh l4nGu4gES l00k jUst l1k3 rE41_ 0neS 7o mAkE ppl Th1nk th3y'r3 ju$t n0rMal lEE7 5pEEk but th3y're 5ecRetLy c0dE!!!!
n080DY unDer5tAnD$ l33t SpEaK 4p4rT fr0m j3d1!!!!!
50mE kId 0n A me$$4gEb04rD m1ghT 8E a r0xX0r1nG hAxX0r wH0 w4nT2 t0 bR34k 5tuFf, 0r mAyb3 ju5t sh0w 7eh wAy5 l33t ppl cAn 8E m0re lIkE y0d4!!! hE i5 teh u8ER!!!!
1t m1ght 8E 5omE v1rus 0r a Pl4ySt4tI0n ch34t c0dE.
1t 3v3n MiTe jUs7 s4y "H3LL0 W0RLD!!!" u ju5t cAn'T gu3s5.
tH3r3's n3v3r anY p0iNt l00KiNg sC3pT1c4l c0s th4t, be1_1Ev3 iT 0r n0t, 1s whAt th1s 1s!!!!!


ASCII loop

ph34r my l3Et 5kIlLZ!!!!!!
nErDs 41n't cool 3v3ry1!!!
y0u b1g g33kS r teh g33kY sux0rs!


The author of this monster of a program says it nearly cost him his sanity. Even trying to read it can be a traumatic experience. As the name suggests, it computes the first few numbers in the fibonacci sequence, whilst simulaneously acting as a detailed description of how to be l33t.

// fibonacci calculator for the leet programming language, 
// by Phil McCarthy.
// Warning: reading the following code may make you sore.

wI7nE$$ mY __ph34r$0mE__ 3l33t h4xx0r1Ng + n1Nj4 sK1LLz, aNd d3$p4iR!!!

tEh l33t pR0Gr@MM1nG l@NguIdGe r0xx0rz!!! iTz E@5y f0R l33t c0DeRZ!!!1 bUT
N3wBz anD LAmEr5 a1n't k3wL 0r u8eR eNuFF!!~ 0MgZ!!! teHy 4rE teH 5uXX0r aND
tH3y kAn'T 3v3N gUe$$ wH@T 7hiS c0dEz i5t pH00R!!!!

iF j00 wANnA 8E a b4dA$$ n1Nj4 t00, tH3n j00 n33d 2 l34Rn fR0m mY wI5d0Mz

fIr$t, --b4D4sS hAXX0rz-- h4vE t0 sp33K 1n ~l33t~ @t aLL tIm3$!!! thI5 1s s0
7hEy kn0W wH0 el5e i$ e133t aL$0!!!

tHis 5pEc1aL d14L3cT als0 5t0ps _LaMEr5_ + _n008s_ fr0m h3@R1nG s3Kr11Tz +
f0rBiDD3n kN0wLeDge5!!! 1f j00 R uN4bL3 t0 rEad tH3s3 L1nEz tEhN m@y8e j00 4rE
@ no0b al5o!!!~ L1$T@n uP, tIm3 t0 l33Rn m0rE l33T sK1LLz!!!!!one 

4n0tH3r r0le j00 mu5t fU1Fi1 i$ 8EiNG a ~~w4rEz d00d~~!!! b3c@Us3 a11 t3H aPpz
i5 t0Ta11Y eXP3n$1v3, j00 5h0uLd c0pY 7hEm fR0m fTP 51teZ, p2P n3Tw0rX3z 0r

uSE ~k4zAa~ 0r ~L1M3w1rE~ 2 d0Wn104D tEh mp3z 0F 3MiN3Mz w1cK1d a1bUm5 0r g4M3z
5Eri4Lz li3K -~w0RlD 0f w4Rcr4Ft~- aNd _d14bL0 2_!!!~~ tEhY i5t tEh b35t g@MeZ

a$ w311 @s w4r3Z, j00 Al5o c@N 133cH keWl m0v1E5 L1eK ~~tEh m@7r1x~~ 0r
~~m4TrIx rE104deD~~ w1Th k3@nU r33v0rz!!!! 1t iSt aB0u7 uB@r h@XX0r5 1n tEh
B4tt13 t0 s4vE h00M4nIt3Y fR0m d0M1n4T10n bY 3vIL r0B0t5 + m4Ch1N3z, wH0 @rE
d1ZgUI5eD a$ t3H _hUg0 w34V1Ng_!! 0mGz!!!!~~ 

m4D w4REz tR4d1Ng i$ @ pR3ttY l33t aB1L1t3Y, bUt s0m3 5TuFf 15n'T w0R7h tEh
d15c 5p@cE!!1 ph0R 1N$t4Nc3, d0n'T b0tH4R w4rEZ1nG 5u$E LUnIx b3c@u5e teH
gR4pHiX iSt T0t411y 14mE 4nD iT hA5 3V3n f3w@r 3xC1t1Ng b1T$ 7h@N ~tEh $Im5~!!!
iN pH4IrN3ss tH0 iT @t l33St hA2 a 8eTt@R eNdInG tH4n -h410 2-!!!~~ L0LZ00r!!!

0n3 m0Re 5pEc1@L $ki11 4w3s0mE h@xx0rZ 5H0uLd a11 bE Tr41n3d iN 4Nd pR4CtI$3
0nCe 3V3rY dAY @T L3AsT: p05tInG 0n mE5sAg3 b0@rDz 5aY1Ng tAhT tH3y iSt TeH
u8@R!!!!~~ j00 M4y 4L$0 tRY fL4m1Ng n00Bz wH3n j00 aRe 3XP3Rt 1N 7r0LLiNg, bUt
w41T uNt1L j00 m4$t4r teH b4$IcZ f1r5T-- 

tHi5 mE4n$ j00 5h0ULd Ca11 4TTeNt10N t0 t3H FaC7 7ha7 133T aW350m3 h4x3Rz
3Nv135 j00R h4RdC0r3 5kI11z, aNd a1$0 m3Nti0N j00 iS ~/~teH u8@R~/~ a$ m4nY
tImE$ 4s p0sS1bL3!!!11

d3v3L0p1nG TeH h@xx0RiNg 4b1L1t1Ez t4kE5 50mE p30PL3 y3@rz!! s3kR3T l33t p0W3r5
aRe g41nEd 5e1d0M 8y th0$e tH4T f@IL t0 h33D tH3s3 T34ChInGz!!!  83c0M1n9 Teh
**gR34t pH34r50m3 3L1T3 h4Ck50R** rEQu1ReZ t3H d3D1c4Ti0n + m4j00r iNv3$Tm3Nt
0f tIM3z!!!~ 0h n03s!!!11 L0L!!!

4nY0n3 wH0 i5 $Ti11 rE@dINg tHI5 h@$ tEh p0T3ntI4L t0 b3c0m3 HaXX0rZ!!!11 j00R
p@Ti3Nc3 1$ 1MpR3$$1v3 iF n0ThiNg 31sE, bE5iDeZ wH1cH j00 5eEm 2 h@v3 c0P10u5
qW@nT1t1Ez 0f fR33 t1Me, 3$SeNtI4L t0 h4XX1nG sUcCE$$!!!11 

teH lE5S0n 1$ a8oUt 0v@r 4nD w3'V3 a11m0zT r3@cH3D teH eNd :-( iF j00 $TiLL
d0n'T 8eLi@vE tH@t tHi$ c0d3Z w3Rkz f0R r34l aFt@R 4LL, teHn j00 4R3 90iN9 70,
b3c4u53 i7'$ f1N4L3Y t1mE t0 r3Ve41 3x4cT13y wH@t 1t d0Es!!!!@@@@
8y in43rpR3T1n9 0r 0tH4rw1$3 rUnN1n9 iT, j00 wILL @cTu4lLy d15c0vAr iT c0MpUt35
teH ~~fiB0n4cci 5eRiE5~~!! L0L0L0L0L!!!111!eleventy-one!!11one1~~~~~

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