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l33t is a brainfuck-like esoteric programming language in which source code resembles "1337 5p34k". l33t was created by Stephen McGreal and Alex Mole. It can make network connections, making it the ideal language for crackers and scriptkiddies.

The instruction pointer and memory pointer both occupy the same block of memory, allowing you to modify instructions.

Each word in the source code is translated into an opcode by adding all the digits in the word together. For example the word l4m3R evaluates to opcode 7, or INC, which is equivalent to the + instruction in Brainfuck. Technically it is not necessary to use anything but digits in the code, but programmers who do that are "teh sUxX0r".

Computational class

According to the spec the standard size for the memory area is 64 KB, which prevents it from being Turing-complete. Without the memory limitation it should be Turing-complete as it is essentially a superset of Brainfuck.

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