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K-on Fuck (けいおんfuck) is an esoteric programming language believed to be created by Yuichi Nishiwaki. It is a programming language where all input is done via the Japanese sounds うん(un) and たん(tan). It is derived from the anime K-ON or Ho-kago Tea Time which is about the every day lives of the members of the Light Music club.

The source code for the K-on Fuck interpreter is modeled after the K-on character Azusa Nakano, also known as Azunyan.

Example Code


The language is Turing complete as it is a trivial brainfuck substitution as evidenced by https://gist.github.com/wasabili/562178

The obfuscated interpreter also interprets this same substitution when encoded in Windows codepage 932, however, if it is given an argument beginning with "a" and unrelated process is run instead.

Perl Implementation

%c=qw(AAA $p++ AAB $p-- ABA D++ ABB D-- BBA D&=255;while(D){ BBB D&=255;} BAA print+chrD BAB D=ord(getc));