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Jannis Harder is the author of some esoteric languages he created many years ago:

  • axo (2004)
  • YABALL (Jun, 2005)
  • Subskin (Sep, 2005) a OISC variant with an extreme short (148 bytes of code) Ruby implementation.
  • Rhotor (Jan, 2006) a lazy evaluating functional language that utilizes pattern matching.

And he wrote some implementations for other esoteric languages:

  • obi2, a nicely shaped Brainfuck interpreter written in Ruby. (Jul, 2005)
  • bf2a, a Brainfuck to C converter which does many optimizations (gcc fails on too long programs), again written in Ruby. (Jul, 2005)
  • bfx, a short (177 bytes of code) Brainfuck interpreter written in Ruby. (Not online yet) (Sep, 2005)

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