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InSpace is a programming language that was made by Zayne for a Code Golf contest (that failed horribly).


() is required [] is optional

  • pluto (\33) - prints what ever the ascii character code is on the screen (pluto only supports ASCII character codes in decimal)
  • asteroid (a) (1) - sets variable a to 1 (only works for integers)
  • comet (a) (testing) - sets variable a to testing (only works for strings)
  • earth (a) - prints value of variable a to the screen (works with integers and strings, ASCII codes don't work.)
  • sun (v([inputs])) - starts the definition of function v
  • sun end (v) - ends the definition of function v
  • sun run (v) - calls the function v
  • quantum [if condition is true/false then] - starts a loop
  • quantum end - ends a loop
  • blackhole a(+/-)1 - adds or subtracts 1 to/from variable a
  • higgsfield - clears the screen
  • comment - starts a comment
  •  :: - ends a comment
  • vacuum - makes the program get stuck in an infinite loop
  • bigfreeze - ends the entire program


InSpace compiler that I built for my senior project: (Linux Only) Relios898 (talk) 19:54, 25 February 2018 (UTC)Relios898: