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Improbable is a register- and tape-based esoteric language focusing on succinctness. A tape is called the datastore, and is 256 bytes long. The register is one byte. There are 256 tapes, for a total of 64k bytes.


Command Use
=H Set register to byte
-FF Set register to byte by hex code
ps Print a character
pi Print an integer
pl Print a line separator (platform-dependent)
r Read a character from standard input
[ Save IP to register
] Read IP from register
S Save register to pointed-to datastore
G Load pointed-to datastore to register
> Move pointer right
< Move pointer left
^00 Set pointer value (e.g. to 0)
@example Declare a label
 !example Jump to a label
 ?00=example Jump to a label conditionally (hex value to compare, and = for equal or ! for not equal)
 :+03 Arithmetic (such as adding 0x03) to the register
 ; Exit, using register as exit code
X00 Set tape number to use for datastore
{thing =H } Declare a function (e.g. named 'thing')
 %thing Call a function
`Hello, world!` Print some text
# STUFF # Insert a comment

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