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iag is an esoteric programming language with only three commands. It was invented by Panu Kalliokoski.


iag supplies an unbounded number of memory cells initialized to zero. Each cell holds a 32-bit signed integer. There is also an accumulator register, which holds a 32-bit signed integer as well. Looping is performed with the | command and an accompanying stack.


Command Description
< Move memory pointer to the left.
= Subtract contents of this memory cell from accumulator, storing the result in both this memory cell and the accumulator, then move memory pointer to the right.
| If accumulator is
5 quit.
4 call time() and save the result in active memory cell.
3 read a character from stdin to active memory cell (EOF = 0).
2 print a character to stdout from active memory cell.
1 do nothing.
0 set accumulator to 1, add the location of this instruction to the stack, then, only if active memory cell = 0, jump to the command after the next |.
-n return to the | instruction you were at n jumps ago, remove n items from the stack, and set the accumulator to 0.
Panu's interpreter also offers the following, presumably not part of the language proper:
d Dump memory cells for debugging.
s Dump stack.
x End the program.


|| === =<=< <<<=== =<=< <=
==== |<|<|<|<|<|<|<|

Reads eight characters of input, storing them in reverse order in the first eight memory cells.

= || ==<<==== =<=< <= =<=< <<<<<=<==== |
<= <<= <<== <<= <<== <<= |

Prints all characters 0 to 256 (starting with 1) endlessly.

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