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Paradigm(s) Imperative
Designed by Hakerh400
Appeared in 2020
Computational class Uncomputable
Major implementations Unimplementable
File extension(s) .txt

Hyperon is a hypercomputable programming language that is strictly more powerful than Turing machine. It is a brainfuck derivative with the ability to solve the Halting problem.


Same memory model as in brainfuck (8-bit cells, unlimited tape).


  • > - Increment the data pointer
  • < - Decrement the data pointer
  • + - Increment the current cell
  • - - Decrement the current cell
  • , - Read a character from stdin and put it to the current cell
  • . - Output a character from the current cell
  • [*] - Repeat instructions inside brackets while the current cell is non-zero
  • {*} - If the instructions inside braces halt in finite time, increment the current cell, otherwise do nothing

Current cell is the cell pointed by the data pointer. Here * means that anything can be there.


These examples describe only the last instruction, because we assume the reader is familiar with previous instructions.

For example, {} (empty content between braces) is identical to + instruction, because there are no instructions inside, so it will halt in finite time, and thus it is equivalent to incrementing the current cell.

Another example: {-}. It is also equivalent to +, because whatever happens inside {*} does not have effects to the surrounding code (memory will not be changed and data pointer will also remain unchanged after exiting the {*} braces, except incrementing the memory cell if the content halts). Also, any I/O that is performed inside {*} will be reset when we exit {*}.

This is equivalent to the cat program:

  {[-]+[...,.,.,,,>>>>>>[-]+]} // Just to show that this has no effects

Braces can also be nested, like {{}}. It is important to note that {*} is a single instruction (unlike [*]) and takes a single tick, so {{*}} is identical to +, independently of the content inside (because the inner {*} takes a single tick, and thus halts in finite time).