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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.


Headache is a double stack based language with only a few commands. It has no other way to store data than its two stacks. Both stacks start empty. You can only work with one stack at a time.

It is called headache because of the amount of switching, restacking, moving, and shuffling needed to get anything done.

A peek from an empty stack produces 1. A pop from an empty stack produces 0.

<    Pushes a pop from Stack B onto Stack A (top value of b is moved to a)
>    Pushes a peek from Stack A onto Stack B (copies top of a onto b)
^    Discards the top value of Stack A. (pop if it matters)
v    Swaps the top values of Stack A and Stack B. (pop both)
+    a = a + b (adds top of b to the top of a) (peek only)
-    a = a - b (subtracts top of b from the top of a) (peek only)
.    Pop value from Stack A to output
,    Push value from input to Stack A

@    Switch Stacks (a is now b, and b is now a)

{    if a == b, Jump to after corresponding } (peek)
}    if a != b, Jump to after corresponding { (peek)

!    Places a 1 on the top of stack A.
#    Places a number with the size of each stack on top of the corresponding stack.

The stacks usually hold 32 bit integers. If there is no corresponding { or }, ignore it.

Adding from an empty stack, produces a 1. Since it is peeking. If say, top of Stack A is 4, and Stack B is empty, a + will produce 5. If both are empty, a + will push 1 to Stack A.

Hello World (Branchless)

There is likely a more optimal way




Fibonacci Sequence

Multiply Program

Takes the numbers on the top of both the stacks and multiplies them. Places the multiplied number on top of Stack A. Consumes both numbers.


Useful snippets (Branchless)

These all work on Stack A, unless otherwise specified.

Swap top 2 values

Shorter >^v<
Faster  @<v@<

Copy the top values of both stacks


Invert N

Invert top 3 values


Invert top 4 values


Invert top 5 values


Invert top 6 values


Bring to Top

These are usually shorter than the inversions

Bring 3rd from top value to top (top 2 [3])


Bring 4th from top value to top (top 2 3 [4])


Bring 5th from top value to top (top 2 3 4 [5])


Bring 6th from top value to top (top 2 3 4 5 [6])


Conversion from brainfuck

This simple conversion of BF to headache demonstrates that this subset of the language is Turing complete.

Brainfuck  Headache
Init       <
>          <
<          >^
+          !>^+<^
-          !>^-<^
[          !>-<^>^{<^
]          !>-<^>^}<^
.          ><.
,          ^,


MindGrind - Headache Editor (Java Jar, with source) (dead link)

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