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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.
Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by Jfeng41
Appeared in 2015
Computational class Turing complete
Reference implementation Greentext Github
File extension(s) .gt

Greentext is a work-in-progress esoteric scripting language based off of the trademark greentext format (or "Meme Arrows") of the anonymous forum site 4chan. Every line in the language begins with a >.

A Basic Rundown


:^) = true
:^( = false


>mfw "Hello World!"

Variable assignment

>be foo    # Declare unassigned variable "foo"
>be bar like 1234   # Dclare variable "bar" and assign it the value 1234

If Statements

>implying foo is bar      # if "foo" is equal to "bar"
    >mfw "True"
>Or not            # else
    >mfw "False"
>done implying

("else if" statements have not been implemented as of November 12, 2015)

For Loops

>inb4 i from 10 to 0 by -2     # Variable decrement variable i from 10 to 0 with step counter -2
    >mfw i                     # Prints 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 on separate lines    
>done inb4      

Main Function

>dank memes         # Main function
    #Code n stuff
>tfw                # Return

Function Declaration

>wewlad foobar (n,m)          # Declare function
    >be barfoo like n + m     # Define variable "barfoo"
    >tfw barfoo               # Return barfoo

Function Usage

>wew foobar(2,3)    # wew is an internal variable that contains the value returned by the last function used.
>be baw like wew    # Assign the value in "wew" to "baw"
>mfw baw            # 5



>dank memes
>inb4 i from 0 to 100 by 1
  >implying i % 15 is 0
    >mfw "fizzbuzz", i
  >or not
    >implying i % 3 is 0
      >mfw "fizz", i
    >done implying
    >implying i % 5 is 0
      >mfw "buzz", i
    >done implying
  >done implying
>done inb4

Fibonacci sequence

>wewlad factorial(n)
  >be result like 1
  >implying n > 1
    >be m like n - 1
    >wew factorial(m)
    >be result like wew
  >done implying
  >tfw n * r

>dank memes
  >be n like 10
  >wew factorial(n)
  >mfw wew                  # Outputs n!