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GenericLang is an esolang made by Quadril-Is which was intended to be generic but it didn't.

It was created while trying to find a good language to code in Python on a phone.



Command Name Meaning
0-9 Number literal Pushes the number to the stack (90 pushes 90, not 9 and 0)

No strings because I can't find a single non-golfing language that does something with these.


Command Name Meaning
I Input Takes a number from input and pushes it.
O Output Pops the top of the stack and outputs it.

Stack manipulation

Command Name Meaning
~ Discard Pop the top of the stack.
: Dupe Duplicate the top of the stack.
$ Swap Swaps the top two items.

Branching and Control Flow

Command Name Meaning
! Skip Skips the next command.
? Conditional Skip Pops the top of the stack and skips the next command if it's 0.
j Jump Pops the top of the stack abd jumps to that character.


Command Name Meaning
+ Increment Adds 1 to the top of the stack.
- Decrement Subtrscts 1 from the top of the stack.

I have spent too much time on this so these are the only 2 arithmetic commands you get.