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Fuck is a language designed by Josef N Patoprsty (User:Josefnpat) in March 2012.

The purpose of Fuck (capital F) is to provide a programming language to insult people, but still allow the recipient to decipher what you're really trying to say.


Command Description
fuck <raw> Initializes <raw> as a variable.
fucking <var> <raw> Sets <var> to <raw>, which can be a number or string.
fucked <var:1> <var:2> If <var:1> and <var:2> are numbers, <var:1> += <var:2>, otherwise, <var:1>=concat(<var:1>, " ", <var:2>).
unfucking <var> Store input from keyboard into <var>.
unfucked <var> Print <var> to stdout.
motherfuck <raw> Initializes <raw> as a label.
motherfucking <label> Jump to <label>.
motherfucked <var> <label> Jump to <label> if <var> evaluates to true.

Computational class

Since you can add or subtract from variables, test for 0, and do arbitrary jumps, it is easy to implement a Minsky machine in Fuck, so it is Turing-complete.

External resources

  • Fuck at GitHub, including full documentation, implementation, and examples