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brainflop is a Turing tarpit by user:InfiniteDonuts. It is Turing-complete, minimalist, and inspired by HighFive. It has 7 instructions that manipulate an array of 1024 memory cells. It is also quite possibly the most horrible language ever invented, as it not only extremely minimalist but causes insanity if used for too long. The author of this language tried to make a truth-machine program unsuccessfully and nearly lost his mind.


brainflop has 7 commands, down from brainf***'s 8, and it is still Turing complete (although it would be a nightmare to program in it):

+ increment the memory cell under the pointer
- decrement the memory cell under the pointer
< move the memory pointer left
> move the memory pointer right
* If the memory cell is 0, get input. Else, print the cell's corresponding ASCII character.
/ If the cell is 0, skip the next command. Else, move the memory pointer 1 space to the right. Move the program pointer the number of spaces indicated by the cell (negative goes backwards, positive goes forwards).
# Set the current cell to 0.

Example Programs

Hello World





<*/____These chars are skipped_________________-*

Other example programs

Other simple programs have been attempted, but most are sadly impossible due to brainflop's tendency to cause its programmers to lose their minds.

External Resources

A brainflop interpreter